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Welcome to CollegeFootballbetting.net!  We are just a couple of guys that love football – especially college football.  I live in Big Ten country, so that’s where my favorite teams are.

We often go to Las Vegas a few weekends during the football season to bet and watch the games.  But we wanted to bet the weeks in between our Vegas visits.  We created this website after researching the best places to place sports bets online.  Finding a good online sportsbook is especially difficult if located in the US.  Some betting sites offer free payouts and others charge a $25 delivery fee for checks.  We will try to put all that information on our sportsbook reviews, but honestly the information changes quite frequently (sometimes 2x a month) so it may not be 100% up to date.  Always check the cashier section at each betting site for current fees.

Every year we will post our conference previews before each season begins.  If you would like to ppost your previews or picks on our site, please shoot us an email.