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Bowl Monopoly Game at Bovada

The Bowlopoly Bonus from Bovada

bowl game monopolyFor college football fans, this is arguably the best time of the year: Bowl Season. From the Famous Hawaii Bowl on December 24th to the Vizio BCS National Championship Game on January 6th, college football fans have 35 different bowl games to watch. Of course, what is Bowl Season without putting some wagers down on your favorite teams? Even if you don’t have a team to root for in a match-up, you can still enjoy every down by putting a wager down on a betting site like Bovada.

With 35 games to watch, you have 35 games to look through, pick your team and enjoy the ride. Of course, getting a little bit extra out of your wagers is always a good thing, which is why the Bovada Bowlopoly Bowl Games promotion is something that should definitely be looked into. By combining everyone’s favorite board game with everyone’s favorite college football season, you get an experience that has just been taken to the next level.

I wish they made Bowlopoly a little less confusing as there are many components since the game is for most bowl games. Obviously you do not need to bet on all the bowl games to collect some little bonuses.

So here’s how I understand it:

When you make a wager on a bowl game you get a random property piece; when you get a complete set of colors, you score bonuses. For example, if you get A SET of:

  • purple game pieces you get a $5 risk-free bet
  • light blue gets you a $5 free bet
  • maroon = $10 free mobile bet
  • orange = $10 cash bonus
  • red = $20 free bet
  • yellow = $20 cash bonus
  • green = $50 free bet
  • blue = $50 cash bonus

game piece for bonus

In addition to the color game piece bonuses, a “football” game piece gets you a $25 free bet, while a “Chance” card gives you a mystery gift. Whether you play a couple of bowl games or a full slate, you can win great bonuses along with your typical winnings.

While most people might be focused on the BCS Title Game with Florida State and Auburn, the Bowlopoly game allows you to get excited about the other games on the schedule, meaning that there won’t be a game that you don’t want to watch and wager on.

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