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College Football Bowl Games

No one loves College Football games more than I do.  I love the passion, the traditions, the bands, the coeds, the tailgating, the rivalries, etc.  One of those traditions I love is the bowl games.  Well, I loved them more back in the 1990’s.  Now, the pageantry of the bowls games has worn off.  Thanks a lot, NCAA.  Your corrupt organization that cares about nothing other than money has ruined one of the main things that made the sport great – the bowl games.

It’s funny that I rip on the bowl games now because I’ve spent years defending them relentlessly.  I enjoy the NFL and I’m a fan of their playoff system.  But I have argued and argued for years about how College Football doesn’t need a playoff system.  Times have changed.  Now I believe College Football does need at least some sort of a playoff system.

There are too many bowl games

70 teams went to a bowl game in 2011.  If that’s not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.  There are only 117 FBS teams.  And the names are just silly.  The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl?  The Little Caesar’s Bowl?  If they’re going to use sponsors, at least get decent sponsors.  Have you ever actually eaten a Little Caesar’s pizza?  I wouldn’t eat that garbage if I was homeless.

Look, I understand the NCAA is making money off of these bowl games.  I constantly hear uninformed fans say there’s no way these pre-Christmas bowl games are making money.  Yes they are.  That’s what’s really said.  ESPN televises those games.  The NCAA cares about NOTHING besides money.  If they weren’t making money off the games, they wouldn’t exist.

Bring back the old system or give me a playoff

Back in the day, I never cared when there was a debate about who deserved to be national champion.  I kind of enjoyed the fact that there was often a disputed champion because I like a little debate.  The current BCS system has a so-called national championship.  But I question exactly how this system determines a true champion more than back in the 1990s (or before)?  Even with an alleged BCS National Championship Game, there’s almost always still debate.  This year, Oklahoma State fans had a gripe (though I would argue the fact that they lost to a horrible Iowa State team should automatically eliminate them from contention).

The pre-BCS era produced much better college football bowl games.  New Year’s Day was always one of my favorite days of the year because we got to watch non-stop epic games throughout the day.  Now, it’s all about the money instead of matching up the deserving teams in all bowl games.

This isn’t a knock to the Iowa State’s and Louisiana Tech’s of the world.  But they shouldn’t be going to bowl games unless they can do better than 6-6.  If the NCAA won’t give me the old bowl game system, it’s time to move on to a playoff format.  The current system has completely ruined such a great tradition.

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