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Mississippi State Tops Playoff Selection Committee’s Rankings

Mississippi State LogoMississippi State, Auburn, Florida State, and Mississippi have been assigned the top four positions by the selection committee for the College Football Playoff.

The committee, which comprises 12 people, met at Gaylord Texan Hotel in Dallas to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each team and to make an initial list of top 25 teams. When the final list is published on Dec 7, the teams that get the top four positions will be entered in the inaugural playoffs.

Florida State and Mississippi State haven’t lost a single game, but Mississippi and Auburn have lost a game each. The other teams that occupy the top 10 positions in the list are Oregon, Alabama, Texas Christian, Michigan State, Kansas State, and Notre Dame, each of which have lost a game.

In the list drawn up by The Associated Press, Alabama occupied the third place and Auburn occupied the fourth place.

Shortly after the selection committee released its rankings, ESPN interviewed Jeff Long, athletic director for Arkansas and chairman of the committee, who said that the committee has taken into consideration every aspect of a team’s accomplishments. Though not final, these rankings give a general idea of what the committee will consider before deciding the final four teams. As Long put it, “it’s early, it’s close, and it’s going to change.” Long will explain these rankings during his weekly interviews with ESPN.

Last week, Steve Wieberg, a member of the committee, said that the rankings will be well scrutinized and that this was the most “collaborative process” ever.

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