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NCAA Rules Baylor Player Silas Nacita as Permanently Ineligible

Adam Kramer has reported in Bleacher Report that the NCAA has ruled Silas Nacita, the former running back of Baylor, as permanently ineligible.

The case turned out to be very controversial in February. Formerly homeless, Nacita was removed from the football team at Baylor for accepting housing benefits from a family friend. Originally, it was reported that he had been ruled ineligible, but the NCAA stated that it is still investigating his case.

Silas Nacita
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Recently, Nacita informed Bleacher Report that the NCAA completed its investigation on March 25 and declared him to be permanently ineligible. He told Bleacher Report, “I worked so hard for 12 years for this game, and I have lost it. Whatever it is (I need to do to play again), it would be worth it.” He had even posted a tweet explaining the situation.

On March 25, Nacita had a meeting with Baylor officials and learned that he had indeed been ruled ineligible. He said: “I didn’t shed a tear in the meeting. I wasn’t angry. I shook their hands. It was pleasant conversation.” Explaining that he did not attend the meeting hoping to hear good news, he said that he was almost relieved when they informed him that he was no longer eligible. He said that he is now finally free to plan his future.

Nacita said that this hasn’t killed his dreams of becoming a football player. He has done some research on NAIA schools and feels that it is possible to start playing the game he loves once again.

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