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Winningest College Football Programs of All Time

College Football is known for its legendary programs, coaches, stadiums, bands, and players.  Michigan stands atop the all-time wins list, and no one else is even close.  The Wolverines, along with Ohio State, have dominated the Big Ten for the past 60 years.  Their longstanding tradition allows them to consistently recruit Top 10 classes, which helps keep them at the top.  Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Winningest College Football Programs of All-Time.

10.Southern California Trojans (774-307-54)

The Trojans have long been the West Coast’s best team.  They’ve had Heisman winners such as OJ Simpson and Carson Palmer.  They consistently recruit the finest athletes – not just in Southern California – across the country.  Lane Kiffin took over in 2010 and he currently has the Trojans headed back to the top.  They will be a national championship contender in 2012.

9.Tennessee Volunteers (783-333-55)

Tennessee is in unfamiliar territory right now.  They’re a struggling program.  They’ll get going again soon.  This is a program that has been very consistent throughout the years.  The only question is will Derek Dooley be the guy to turn it around?

8.Oklahoma Sooners (796-305-53)

Oklahoma spent 50 years dominating the Big-8 conference, along with Nebraska.  Some of the game’s greatest coaches (Barry Switzer, Bob Stoops, Bud Wilkinson, etc.) have graced the sidelines at Memorial Stadium.  Nothing has changed.  Bob Stoops continues to win 10+ games nearly every season, and regularly has Oklahoma in contention for BCS bowls.

7.Penn State Nittany Lions (812-351-43)

Joe Paterno IS Penn State.  He still is, even though he recently passed away.  Paterno spent 46 years as the Nittany Lion head man.  He won a pair of national titles, and is the all-time winningest coach.  JoePa will go down as the greatest coach of all-time, and Penn State will always be seen as one of the top programs – despite Jerry Sandusky’s efforts to ruin their credibility.

6.Alabama Crimson Tide (813-316-43)

I’ve always thought of the great Paul “Bear” Bryant when a think about Alabama football.  But things are changing.  Nick Saban may actually surpass The Bear in Bama football lore when all is said and done.  His team has held up the Crystal Ball 2 of the past 3 seasons and just signed the #1 ranked recruiting class.  Something tells me Alabama isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

5.Ohio State Buckeyes (819-308-53)

Woody Hayes punched an opposing player and was subsequently fired.  Jim Tressel got busted for major NCAA violations and was fired shortly after being caught.  Despite that, those are 2 of the best coaches the game of College Football has ever seen.  Now that Urban Meyer is taking over in Columbus, you better believe Ohio State will be back at the top before long.

4.Nebraska Cornhuskers (827-341-41)

Husker football is a way of life in Nebraska.  They have also been the most consistent program throughout the years.  They even had a string of 40 straight bowl appearances.  Nebraska has been decent the past decade, but well below their success of the previous 40 years.  Eventually, I expect the Huskers to get back to being the dominant program they were for so long.

3.Notre Dame Fighting Irish (837-291-42)

Notre Dame was securely the 2nd winningest program prior to 2008.  Now they’re 8 games behind Texas.  Notre Dame just isn’t the same program they once were.  They’re merely an average program and I don’t foresee much improvement over the next decade.  The recruiting restrictions have hurt them and they are not consistently recruiting at the level the used to.  But you have to respect their tradition.

2.Texas Longhorns (845-321-34)

Despite the mediocrity of the last couple years, Mack Brown has averaged more than 10 wins per season in his career at Texas.  No program has been blessed with more great players and coaches than Texas over the years.  Their recruiting base is the best in the country.  Kids in Texas grow up dreaming of donning the burnt Orange.

1.Michigan Wolverines (877-304-38)

Much like Nebraska – Michigan has been an example of consistency.  When the Maze n Blue doesn’t win 10 games in a season, it’s considered a down year.  Regardless of their record every year, the fans consider success based on whether or not they beat Ohio State.